Thursday, September 04, 2014

New Blog For Discussion

As my readers may know, I often follow discussions on Eds Talking Stock.  Yesterday, he announced that he is going to shutter his blog due to work and family commitments. So I have volunteered to set up and moderate a discussion club so Ed's followers still have a place to meet.  You can find the link at the top left of my blog here in case you want to join the fun.

In stock news, AGX reported earnings this morning. They are generally understated, with little fanfare. But I was very pleased with their performance, though I see they are flat today.

I have made a shift of TLM (a sizable holding of mine) from my discretionary portfolio (where I was holding in anticipation of a quick pop from potential acquisition) to my dividend portfolio, signaling I believe it to be a solid value and my intent to hold longer term.

My week is off to a pretty flat start, I have been hurt by some of my shorter term call options losing value (I will likely stop that approach) and GTAT struggling a bit.

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Paul T said...

The real question is: how did you do in your "contest" with Ed's picks? I haven't seen an update in quite a while