Saturday, September 27, 2014

It Is Good To Be King

It Is Good To Be King

I created the new MFI tracking portfolio.  Just for yucks, I pulled the dividend stocks.  Guess what is the newest dividend stock? KING.

That is right, the maker of Candy Crush paid a special dividend of 46 cents last week.  So by my rules, it qualifies.  It is a stock I doubt that I would pick without a simple formula and a Randomizer. We will see what happens next week when I pick my five stocks.

Stock  Initial Price   52 week low   Mkt Cap  Yield
CSCO              25.00                20.22     126,375 2.9%
CA              27.89                27.66       12,278 3.6%
COH              36.33                33.39         9,845 3.7%
KING              12.80                12.43         4,092 3.6%
NUS              44.53                40.06         2,641 3.0%
PDLI                7.59                 7.38         1,317 7.9%
RGR              48.32                45.76           938 4.3%
IQNT              12.47                 9.30           413 2.9%
SPOK              13.67                12.58           296 3.7%
PETS              13.80                12.13           279 4.9%

Looks like I may be picking from a short list. If I drop PDLI, that leaves 6 choices for 5 spots.  It appears HRB and GME are right on the cusp.  We will see if they are in or out on Wednesday!


John Carney said...


Looks like your sort is 100M and the top 30. For me that is too limited and will use the top 50 as that is what your numbers are based on. That sort usually will get you the top 30 or so over 700M.


I will buy 2 on the first of each month.

My second choices if needed will be DLX,IILG,NOC. Or any stock that has a 1.8% or more dividend.

I will use Random.ORG and will always sort with each stock on the list even if I own it. If I own a stock I will go to the first 2 stocks that I don't own.


Karl Nelson said...

Thanks for the link to the Randomizer site. I had previously just used the built-in xcel function. Interesting.