Tuesday, July 01, 2014

MFI - June Was A Very Good Month

I was just taking a quick look at my MFI portfolio for the month of June. It was very, very good. If you assumed I started MFI in August 2012 with the first of four tranches of $25,000 each (totaling $100,000 for those challenged in math); I started June at $167,001 (so up 67%). That was trouncing the R3K by 32 percentage points. I finished June (get this) at $177,971 (a phenomenal 6.7% gain) and am now really trouncing the R3K by 40.5 percentage points.

I went back to see what were the stellar gainers for the month:

RPXC 9.2%
ATVI   7.3%
SNDK  8.1%
SYNA  33.1% (we have a winner)
AGX    21.7%
KLAC   10.9%

So as you can see, some very good stocks in June! On to July.

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