Sunday, July 06, 2014

Back In The Saddle!

Back In The Saddle!

It has been eight weeks since my ACL surgery. Not a whole lot of fun, but the good news is that I am starting to really get back my mobility and strength.  For the first time since the surgery, I tried riding my bike.  I went for a 6 mile ride this morning and it felt good, though I am not exactly in tip-top shape.

August 15th Tranche

Not many more trading days left before my August 15th MFI Tranche hits it's one year anniversary. Especially if I accelerate to August 1st to buy 5 new stocks.  Here is the portfolio:

8/15/2013 Start Current Dividend Pct Gain R3K Gain
CF $187.26 $245.42 $3.00 32.7% 21.4%
FLR $66.06 $78.99 $0.53 20.4% 21.4%
AGX $15.60 $36.77 $0.75 140.5% 21.4%
KLIC $11.29 $14.49 $0.00 28.3% 21.4%
RPXC $15.92 $18.12 $0.00 13.8% 21.4%
Totals 47.1% 21.4%

I'd certainly be thrilled to replicate 47.1% again!  Looking at the current top 50, some of the following names are at least worthy of consideration:

AGX, HRB, BCOR, BRCD, CA, CSCO, COH, DNB, NSR, NUS, PETS, STRZA and TIME. I do not see any on there that are automatic slam dunks. BCOR seems like an interesting pick. It is surprising that AGX still rates so highly - I should not dismiss them lightly just because I have made 140%. At some point I do want another retailer, perhaps it is time for COH or PETS.  Then CSCO, NSR and CA are all in my May portfolio. If I liked them 45 days ago, I suppose I should still like them now.

Also, there are some potential picks not on official list. CTCM is the Russian play. AVG still looks cheap. TEX is actually quite interesting if you believe construction will continue to pick up. TNH is a high yielding stock that actually looks kind of inexpensive.

What to do? Stay tuned!


Karl Nelson said...

Glad you are recuperating so well! And will certainly stay tuned as you develop the August MFI portfolio..

John Carney said...

Let us know when you can pull a long steep rise and stand up to pump! Don't rush it as the Tour de France has got me wanting to do all sorts of rides outside of what I should be doing.