Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back In New York

On Wall Street

Watching CNBC this morning actually on the corner of Wall Street.  That of course means Leo's Bagels.  Not sure which I like more, their bagels or their coffee.

Listening to the financial news, it is obvious I have missed many opportunities this year.  INTC had great earnings last night, I was so stupid to sell what I had called 100 times a core holding in the $24 range.  Then I saw IGT is getting bought, I had bought them on that basis and then settled for a small profit. So my selling this year has not exactly been well-timed.

As I kick myself, I should mention I am taking a course on Social Psychology this summer through Coursera.  I was reading the text book last night and they commented that things are always obvious in hindsight.  But getting things right in real time is a lot tougher. Otherwise we'd all be millionaires! I encourage my 33 followers to check out Coursera, it is pretty neat. The course I am taking is being taken this summer by 143,000 people!

The Struggle Is Real

I continue to struggle these past two weeks as you can see to the right.  I did get good news on BAC this morning (Bank of America Reports Second-quarter 2014 Net Income of $2.3 Billion, or $0.19 per Diluted Share, on Revenue of $22.0 Billion). That should cause my warrants to continue to climb towards a great price with my 2019 target date.

I also got good news on IBM in my kid's college funds (Daily Report: Apple and IBM Form ‘Landmark Partnership’ on Business Software).

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I Go

Off to work.  At some point my portfolio will bounce back. Still doing well in the larger scheme, I am up 11% on the year and am beating the index by 4 points for the year.  Road bumps do occur from time to time. One can always use hindsight to see how one could have done better.


John Carney said...


The dividend world at >2.6% is somewhat limited. I think that is what you said and I agree. HRB is the new boy for July and yield was 2.5% today.

If you have any time or interest I would appreciated it if you could look back and see what the returns for the 1 billion caps with dividends of 2% or more. I know that your data base is only 4 years.

If the returns were still good it would open the door for a lot more choices.

Thanks for your Blog and all of your work.

John Carney said...


Forget to add that there is a 85 year old study showing dividend stocks do well.

The major point in the study was that dividends are a barometer of earning quality and balance sheet strength.