Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greeting From Zurich

Sitting in Zurich today and for the rest of the week. Some snow here, but not as much as I expected. About 40 degrees today.

I continue my torrid run in 2012 (up 14.9%) today (evening in Zurich, but early in NY). I am up another 1.5%, largely due to NEP, one of my few Chinese holdovers (CMFO is the other). It is up 16% today and if it goes up another 50 cents, I will remarkably be back to break-even (CMFO has a way to go).

I definitely sold CJES waaay too early. I was happy with a quick 15% profit, but it is up another 10+% since I sold. I also sold AUY too early as it is up 4% today. But still hard to complain.

I mentioned over the weekend I bought TROX (a Seth Klarman fav). They announced their earnings Monday evening and it was the tersest (is that a word?) earnings releases I have ever seen (Tronox Incorporated Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2011 Results). I think the earnings were good, but I frankly can't tell. I will have to wait for the 10-K.

My Life Insurer types are also up big today (SLF +3.6% and GNW up 2.8%). GNW is now up 40+% since I saw Seth Klarman take a big stake in November.


AndrewsDad said...

Curious your reason for selling CJES. I bought late last week and am up about 14%. Did you see this article? http://seekingalpha.com/article/374131-c-j-energy-still-america-s-cheapest-oil-services-stock?source=yahoo

Marsh_Gerda said...

I was simply profit-taking. I had stretched myself a bit with purchases and wanted to get back to some cash and I really want to try to keep my dividend plays longer term. I have read that article. Good job on your buy.