Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Various Earnings

Earnings, Earnings, Earnings

Wow, I have always blogged about how MFI is streaky.  We have been in a terrible downward streak. 15 of  my last 16 monthly tracking portfolios that have closed have "lost" to the  benchmark.  But all  of a sudden, the metrics are looking better.  The average open tranche in my twelve open tracking portfolios are now in a dead heat with the benchmark. It was like 2.5 points a week ago.

Perhaps the winds have shifted, just like in The Return of The King.  And the rising tide is definitely helping my 8 real $ tranches.  They are leading the benchmarks and the lead is stretching out.  Early days, but to borrow another movie, perhaps a New Hope.

Many of my stocks are starting to have earnings reports. CPLA and HSII were both very good today while TGNA was bad.  RHI was after the bell and seems bad.

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