Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 1st Tranche

as I noted a few weeks ago, I started a new tranche on February 1st (VEC, PERI, QCOM, DEPO and TDC). All in all, it is off to a solid start, +2.7% as I speak versus -1.0% for the benchmark.

I also always track how the five stocks I sold have run off. So far, it would have been good to keep them, up a snappy 6%. Pretty much all NHTC, up 51%. That is not a boring stock.

Then I also track the six stocks I considered, but rejected (BRCD, HPQ, LCI, CSCO, VIAB and CBI).  That group is basically flat. VIAB is big loser, down 22%. BRCD is the big winner, up 19% already on strong earnings.

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