Wednesday, February 17, 2016

30 Trading Days Left

i have just thirty trading days left on my March 31st MFI Formula tranche. Not to jinx anything, but this one is looking like a winner. Amazingly, after today it is ever so slightly in the black, which feels like a grand slam against what we have been seeing in the MFI world of late and even against the index (off 8%).

The stocks are HRB, GME, KING, NSU and PPC. KING is being bought and is essentially stopped out at a 13% gain.  HRB and PPC are also profitable, while NSU has a chance still. GME is the biggest loser, off about 21%.

While I would like to take a victory lap and say the formula approach is working - that would be very premature.  All my tranches combined are beating the index, but because the index is down 6% and I am just down 4%.

The six stocks I did not pick last March are down about 19%, so no glory there. If I pull out PDLI, which I gave the boot to last year, the decline "improves" to -11%. Not great, but within shouting distance of the benchmark.

If I were buying today, my choices would be BBY, BKE, CALM, CSCO, GME, HPQ, IQNT, IILG, PBI, TSRA and VIAB (surprised QCOM isn't there.  AAPL just misses)

Stay tuned.

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