Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Good News For IQNT

Had some great news for IQNT today. They signed a deal with t mobile and guided revues much higher.  The stock popped 20%.  It is in my MFI Formula portfolio, the Dec 2014 tranche. That tranche has been nothing short of superb. The five stocks are now up 26%.

My select tranches are struggling of late. They were down a staggering 3% today as only 2 stocks of the 20 were in the green. NHTC was down almost 10%.  The most recent five stocks are down 1.0% (the May tranche is also down 2,1%). But that is just the way of MFI right now. My MFI index was down 1.2% today and is now down 1.7% for the year.  As Greenblatt promised, it doesn't always work.

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