Monday, May 25, 2015


kind of strange. Most days I get 75 to 100 hits. Yesterday I got 282. Sometimes I get a spike if I say something more interesting than usual. Hey out there! Who is reading my blog? (See if anyone answers, maybe it is Joel. )


Joel said...

haha... it wasn't me! traveling all weekend and didn't even see your post!

Paul T said...

Checking in. I ready pretty much every one of your posts.

Corpraider said...

Still here. Still mulling over filtering the cheap stocks on the EV/EBIT, but either just a recurring dividend or maybe a period of dividend stability, like VIG, SCHD or one of those. I've read lots of stuff asserting that those dividend duration screened etfs (if you will) show large exposures to quality at least from an academic/data factor regression analysis. I'm not comfortable with the limited universe (an number or repeat rolls) generated by the 2.4% + market cap hurdle.