Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mid Week Thoughts

Hump Day Thoughts

I did have a couple transactions this week. I doubled my MNDO holding, as they sold off 10% for no apparent reason (so I assumed the market just went nuts) on Tuesday. Then I sold some calls on my CSIQ with a 5/22 x date and a $40 strike price for 95 cents. For a stock that had just gone up 15%, it seemed to me that another 2%+ premium for a strike price about 4% away (at the time) for just 9 trading days was good. I do not want to be called out (would incur a sizable short term CG), so I may buy it back if close.

NHTC continues to be the best stock I have ever owned (yes, I did say that about GTAT once). It is now up 150% for me and is single handedly carrying my MFI select tranches for November and February.

Do readers recall how my May 2014 tranche came on like gangbusters the final three weeks and beat the benchmark 18.3% to 12.9%?  Now August 2014 is making a 4th quarter move as well. It has trailed the benchmark for many consecutive months, but today has edged ahead 9.7% to 8.8%. Certainly not time to run a victory lap, but progress is progress. The construction stocks (AGX, FLR and CBI) have all been rallying of late.

Of course my May 2015 tranche is off to a horrible start. Two stocks have reported earnings (PSDV and DEPO) and they both sold off over 10%.  So I am down 4.1% in my first 8 days. Still a lot of time, though I am starting to wonder if I was a little too aggressive in my picks (I knew those two were higher risk stocks).

CSCO reported earnings this evening. They seem fine to me, but you never know how the market will react. Sometimes the market gets myopic on some metric you are not watching.

So for the week so far, I have made a couple of dollars. The IWV is down, so I guess that is a win.  As they say, "the beat goes on".

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