Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Locked & Loaded

Today is the big day. One of eight days a year where I buy a new MFI tranche and sell one that has hit it's anniversary. And of course four of those eight days are formula driven, so just four where I pick 'em.

Technically, I will sell the five stocks tomorrow - as I have made money on all five (interestingly only the second time all five have been winners). I will, for the record, mark their prices at the close of the day as the official final price for my record keeping.

It was a "rally cap" tranche. For much of the year, it trailed the benchmarks, but came on strong this last quarter as RCII, AVG and NSR all rally popped.  RCII is up 15.8% since March 31st, AVG is up 7.5% and NSR is up 24.7%. Overall, the tranche is up a highly respectable 18.3%, beating my most recent two tranches, which ended up 14.2% and 8.5%.

My five new stocks will be CBI, PSDV, TSRA, KORS and DEPO. So two in the pharma/healthcare, a construction, retail and a semi-conductor.  For tracking purposes, my rejects were HPQ, CSCO, ENTA, FLR, MNDO, NRCIA, ACHI, ANIK, WILN and CTCM.

Also a quick score update on how the May 2014 rejects fared. Recall, the five I bought are up about 18%. The rejects were up a bit over 10%. The big winner was NTES, up 80%. The big loser was PFMT, down 67%. Then the five stocks from May 2013, if I had just held them all for another year (with rebalancing) - they were up 12%. NVDA was the big winner, up 20%. KLIC struggled, down 6%.

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