Tuesday, August 30, 2016

VEC - One of My Best Stocks Ever!

One of my MFI stocks, VEC, is up 3% today on moderate volume. This has been a terrific stock for me, so I pulled up my buys and sells.

This stock was a spin off (I think from XLS) back in 2014.

1. Bought 10/2/14 and sold two weeks later for a 5% gain.
2. Bought 10/20/14 and sold three weeks later for a 24% gain.
3. Bought 10/21/14 and sold three weeks later for a 30% gain. These two trades made me a lot of money over three weeks. The spinoff had just happened and I think some big funds were forced to sell it.
4. Bought 1/30/15 for MFI and sold a year later for a 29% loss (the one bad trade)
5. Bought 11/15/15 for MFI, currently up 41%
6. Bought 1/30/16 for MFI, currently up 70%.

My annualized IRR is 460%.  Should have bet the farm!

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