Monday, May 23, 2016

REXI To Be Acquired!

i just saw where REXI has agreed to be acquired for $9.48 a share.  That is a 50% premium to where they are today. As REXI is my 7th largest holding, this will really jump start 2016 for me. I was up 2.3% for the year going into today. This will move me closer to 4%.

I will likely sell as most of my gains will be subject to short term CG taxes. Most of my big buys were December and January. I think I have some short term capital losses. Just checked, I do have ST capital losses as I sell my MFI losers to harvest those losses.

That will give me an outsized cash position.  I may add to my BIZD, but nothing else in mind for now.

It is nice to benefit from one of these M&A deals. I missed the TPUB as I sold 3/1.

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Corpraider said...

Congrats! Saw CSC getting taken out at like a 30% premium too. That was a MF stock at various points along the way, wasn't it?