Friday, July 31, 2015

August 15 2014 Tranche

MFI Tranche 8/15/15

My August tranche only has two weeks to go.  WIt is nip & tuck:

8/15/2014 Start Current Dividend Pct Gain R3K Gain
CSCO $24.40 $28.38 $0.80 19.6% 9.8%
AGX $36.71 $39.30 $0.70 9.0% 9.8%
ITRN $21.32 $25.25 $0.87 22.5% 9.8%
BRCD $9.34 $10.42 $0.15 13.2% 9.8%
CBI $58.25 $53.19 $0.21 -8.3% 9.8%
Totals 11.2% 9.8%

Hopefully, it'll finished strongly.  I am off on a two week vacation today, so when I return - I'll be buying a new tranche (8/17 as 8/15 is a Saturday).  I have actually toyed with the idea of staying with same five stocks, just a re-balance. ITRN and CBI are not on the official list.  But by my calcs, CBI is certainly in top 100. ITRN is a bit further down (I had them #160 last time), so I would likely need a replacement.

Anyway, perhaps I'll have time to think about it on vacation. Or perhaps I'll be too busy ordering Mai-Tais on the beach. 

As a quick aside, I actually met one of the readers of my blog this week in NY.  He has been doing a lot of work and analysis as well.  If anyone ever wants to use this blog as a forum to post ideas or even a guest post, just let me know.

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