Thursday, December 02, 2010

Some Positive News

Solid all-around day. I did get a little exciting action with CEU, which you'll recall I bought as it dropped from a short attack two days ago. I bought one set of shares at $3.50 and a second set at $2.99. Turned out I was a bit early as it dropped as low as $2.34.

But today they were up another 14% to $3.44 placing me solidly in the black on my trade, despite being a bit early on the trade. The exciting part was that their trading was halted today (China Education Alliance Auditors Performed Enhanced Procedures on Cash Balance) as news was being released.

Then this evening, got some good news (I think) on JGBO as they announced they are progressing on paying their notes (Jiangbo Pharmaceuticals Announces Progress in Negotiations with Holders of its November 2007 Debenture and May 2008 Notes).

Some interesting movements in MFI retail stocks. As I mentioned last night, the ARO quarter was not good and they sold off 14%, which frankly seems a bit over-done. BKE announced solid sales and rose 6% to $38. But the most interesting one was GMAN, which spiked 20% on a great quarter (Gordmans Stores, Inc. Announces Third Quarter Fiscal 2010 Results).

Finally, I will note my buy of STD worked well the other day. I bought them at $9.64 and they closed today at $11.02.

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