Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December Starts with a Bang!

Not sure what the driver was today, I suppose it was decent economic news. I also felt the chances for a compromise on extending the Bush tax cuts may have helped.

My big stocks were NVMI and CEU, both up over 10%. That gets CEU in-between my first tranche and second tranche that I bought the day they crashed. I obviously pulled the trigger (in 20/20 hindsight) too early. But I still feel good about them going north of $4 before year-end.

I had mentioned that I watch for Chinese stocks attacked by shorts as a good opportunity to buy if you have the courage. Another one was attached today, CBEH (China Integrated Energy's Biodiesel Business: Cause for Concern). I don't really follow CBEH, so I didn't jump in. Their drop was a bit less precipitous (down about 8%) at one time. Not sure if that was because the market was up or that the writer wasn't as effective.

I am glad I didn't buy ARO when I was listing possible retail stocks a couple weeks ago. They laid a real egg this evening (Aeropostale disappoints in 3Q). They also announced that they are going to cease publishing monthly sales, and only announce them quarterly.

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