Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stock Contest

"Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!" The stock contest starts on Monday. I encourage any procrastinators to enter soon as June 30th is entry deadline. Details at the end of the blog.

My real money portfolio was up about 1% yesterday, in line with the broad market. Still have about a 2% edge on the Russell 3000 index. My purchase of USHS has been disastrous so far, down 19%. On no negative news that I can see. Ouch. Some one is selling! Enough negatives.

I is a real race (since that is my theme) for best current stock. BBSI, TRLG & TGB are all up about 35%. CHCG has been a real Jeckyl and Hyde stock. I bought them around $6.10. They went directly (did not pass go) to almost $8. Now they are about $6.50. VPHM had a stock fast tracked yesterday and went up about 7%. I don't think that a drug being fast tracled means it has a better chance of doing better in trials (ASPV had the same thing and had bad news on the trial yesterday).

I have decided for the contest that I will split my 15 picks 3 ways:
  1. I will pick 5 random stocks.
  2. I will pick 5 just listed stocks and
  3. I will pick 5 blue light specials.
If anyone cares, my picks will be later in the week as I'll be traveling with my family at the start of the week for the 4th holiday. Good luck all!

Use the information and directions below to join the game.

Game ID: MFI_Contest
Game Password: greenblatt

  1. Open this link and read the competition summary:
  2. Click on the 'Join Game' link.
  3. If you are an existing Virtual Stock Exchange member, enter your Email address and Password in the login panel and get set to trade. If you are a new user, follow the link to register - it's easy!
  4. Follow the instructions and start trading!

Join now, and see if you can win my MFI Stock Contest competition! The more participants the higher the level of competition. Can you master the market?

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