Saturday, October 01, 2011

Overview of My Dividend Stocks - 2

Part 2 of my look at my Dividend Stocks

CEL - this is an Israeli provider of phone services. Essentially their Verizon. The stock has been under a lot of pressure do to increased government regulation (sound familiar) as Israeli's have relatively few choices for these services. I am a bit unsure how much their earnings will drop. But they will be paying a 66 cent dividend next week, and I think that is their new run rate (they were between 85 cents and a dollar last year). Still, 66 cents annualized is $2.60. Which for a $21 stock isn't exactly chopped liver. By MFI metrics (19% earnings yield and 89% ROIC... #95 overall), they are cheap as well, though keep in mind that their earnings will be falling off.

CHKE - Any one who has followed MFI stocks knows this name. It has been on the list forever and frankly has not been so hot. In my 70 monthly tracking portfolios, it has been on the list 34 times. So it is a perennial MFI Fav. But overall it has averaged a 7.7% decline in those 34 shows. It is pretty cheap right now though. The minimum price that it has had to make a tracking portfolio is $16.35. Right now it is a mere $12.85 and is sporting a 6.2% yield. It is #54 in my MFI rankings (EY = 16% and ROIC = 423% as they are in a low capital business).

CPL - This is my newest dividend play. CPL is a large provider of electricity in Brazil. It has about a 5.5% yield and was recently recommended by Jim Jubak (CPFL Energia). I like the idea of some of my dividends being denominated in other currencies than USD (same is true with CEL).

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