Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Yee-Hah! Li-Wa!

I have been investing for more years than I care to state. But today I set a record. I had my best ever single day gain with a stock.

LIWA shot up 33%. I already had a chunk in my MFI portfolio, and I had added a second position (outside my MFI portfolio) after they mysteriously dipped post their 3q earnings. It'll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

With LIWA flying high, QXM up about 9% (I think due to their becoming independent from XING) and CMFO up 8% is was a huge day for my MFI portfolio, up about 2.2% in a flattish kind of day.

I did add a new stock Monday, TSRA. I like the space that they're in, even if they weren't new per my mechanical portfolio list (they were new May 1st and are up 70% since then). I also sold my GME last week (prematurely). I had been spooked by the Barron's article which insinuated that Video game stores would eventually go the way of CD stores and video rental stores as people get more and more directly online. Turned out to be a savvy move for the wrong reason as GME dropped 8% today as WalMart signaled a video game price war.

Here is my current portfolio, note I haven't added the TSRA position yet:

QXM 93%
WILC 164%
UEPS 52%
LIWA 33%
KHD 27%
CKSW 170%
CMFO 56%
UTA 34%
BR 38%
CBI 31%
PFE 35%
ENDP 34%
CSKI 33%
HCKT 21%
FRX 37%
RTN 14%
CEU 13%
QKLS 11%
WTW 7%
RGR 5%
BKE 12%
AGX 2%
KSW -3%
ESI -6%
JCOM -12%
GTLS -12%
QCOR -20%
GIGM -20%
WH -20%
JTX -22%
CHCG -53%


Homer315 said...

Are you not counting M&A action? I assume you've owned a stock that was bought out for more than a 33% premium, right?

Marsh_Gerda said...

Al-I was talking about pure dollar gain. I have quite a few shares of LIWA.