Monday, January 07, 2019

Starting To Think About 2/1/2019 MFI Select

Starting To Think About 2/1/2019 MFI Select

Well, with just 3 odd weeks left in January, it is actually time to start thinking about my February 1st 2019 MFI Select stock picks.

Frankly, I can't turn the calendar quickly enough on the disaster that was my February 2018 picks.  Right now it stands to be my worst tranche since my re-boot.  It is 33% underwater (versus benchmark being down 9%).

My "record" is May 2015, which dropped 25%.  Oddly, I will likely strongly reconsider holding several names from a year ago:

2/1/2018  Start   Current   Dividend   Pct Gain   R3K Gain 
 AGX  $43.55 $39.08 $0.75 -8.5% -8.9%
 CASA  $18.81 $13.01 $0.00 -30.9% -8.9%
 KLAC  $109.80 $90.95 $2.84 -14.6% -8.9%
 THO  $136.33 $55.08 $1.52 -58.5% -8.9%
 WDC  $87.74 $37.59 $2.00 -54.9% -8.9%
 Totals  -33.5% -8.9%

I think AGX and WDC will likely get carried over (with rebalancing, so likely will buy some shares).

Other names I like include DXC, MU and AMCX (all from Baker's Dirty Dozen).

List has to include CASA, FTSI and MSGN.  I will also run a top 200 listing to see if anything else catches my eye.  It may be time to consider another Chinese stock should trade talks be starting to look favorable.

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