Monday, November 13, 2017

Dividend Stocks Under Duress

Dividend Stocks Under Duress

Well, I do state that the main item I care about with my dividend portfolio is income, not gains. That being said, I note that my dividend portfolio is down 3.3% in 4th Q while the Russell 3000 is up 2.4% in same stretch.

Could be various reasons, but dividend stocks are less valuable when market thinks interest rates are rising.  So that may be best guess.  Here are my holdings, not my changes do NOT include 4th q dividends in this table.

Stock 4th Qtr
NS -23.2%
SBRA -13.7%
PSXP -9.3%
CPLP -8.1%
DHF -6.1%
FDEU -4.9%
DSL -4.2%
OCSI -3.7%
JQC -3.7%
RILY -2.3%
KCLI -2.3%
EVG -2.0%
ISBC -1.6%
LADR -1.5%
RLJ-PA -1.2%
OIBAX -0.8%
O -0.8%
GLDI -0.1%
TK 1.5%
TGONF 1.6%
NRZ 4.0%

CEFs like JQC, DHF, EVG, FDEU and DSL may be best indicators of phenomenon as they are baskets of holdings.

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