Sunday, June 05, 2011

Getting an Education II

Interesting week for those owning education stocks. Here is what they did last week:

Stock Initial Price Current Price Percent Change
APOL 40.22 46.06 14.5%
BPI 22.43 25.22 12.4%
CECO 21.85 24.59 12.5%
COCO 3.86 5.05 30.8%
CPLA 48.64 49.528 1.8%
DV 54.08 60.36 11.6%
EDMC 21.95 24.8 13.0%
ESI 70.87 86.19 21.6%
STRA 120.68 144.84 20.0%

They rose because of a department of education ruling on gainful employment that was not as strict as many had feared. So the question is whether the improved news is "baked in" or whether the climate is now improved to buy these stocks?

I do not know, though I will note that four of these stocks are still in the top 50 over 50 and two (APOL and ESI) are in the top 30 over 50m. I think it is tempting and will strongly consider one of these in the next week or two as some of my 2010 purchases hit a year.

Mechanical Update

As many people know (on a relative basis) I have two mechanical portfolios that I update every weekend if a stock is new to the top 30 or top 50 screens in the past 52 weeks. There is nothing new this week.

Go Mavericks!

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drew said...

On that eventful day, one of the Chinese RTO stocks (CEU)in the "same industry" popped right along with a 20% gain. Gotta love that the fraud concerns are irrelevant when such news comes out.