Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cisco Kid

The Cisco Kid Was a Friend of Mine

Not sure it was one of the great songs of all time, but it has a catchy beat. As you might guess, I bought CSCO on Monday. My price was $16.96, so we will see how it does.

As I commented this weekend, I am trailing the MFI Index by a fair amount and have really been under performing since January 2010. It can all be attributed to my RTO stocks, which continue to be decimated. My 20 other stocks are up an average of 14% versus about 11% for Russell 3000 bought at same time.

That makes me feel a little bit better and I still have hopes of catching up as I sell off my RTO positions when they hit their anniversaries.

My next stock isn't until mid May. CHKE, which has been a bit of an under performer as well for me (in a relative sense as I am up 5% plus dividends). They are still on the list and I fully expect to hold for a 2nd year.

With the CSCO purchase, I am once again 100% invested.

Earnings for Q1

I did have two stocks report earnings yesterday after the closing bell - IDCC and SUPG. I am bot smart enough to know how they will move today. SUPG seemed pretty good, but then they lowered guidance for the rest of 2011 as they will have transactional costs associated with the company they are acquiring (SuperGen Reports 2011 First Quarter Financial Results),

Then IDCC beat by two cents, but the stock was trading off late in the day (InterDigital Announces First Quarter 2011 Financial Results).

I have to say, some of the bio techs on the list have been doing very well, POZN, TTHI and ACAD. Sometimes I think I should buy some of these, but I am clueless on which to buy.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I will be leaving this weekend on another extended trip. Two weeks in Switzerland. I will try to post regularly while I am there. I will need to remember to take a few adapters.

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AndrewsDad said...

I looked at Cisco but did not buy because it did not meet the MFI Diary minimum dividend level.

The stocks I did buy, 9 are in an IRA and 4 are in a traditional brokerage account, there was a spin off so now there are 5 in that account.

I purposely bought the more traditional MFI stocks for the IRA account and larger cap dividend stocks for the brokerage account.

It is interesting to see the performance, day after day where the brokerage account plods along while the IRA account, which more reflects what I would typically have purchased in the past, swings widely.

After 1 month, 4 of the 5 brokerage account stocks are up between 3.5 and 5.5%, the other, INTC is up 13.6%. Overall, 6.7% While the IRA account, the stocks are all over the place, anywhere between EXPE, +16.7 and PWER -7.2, overall up 5.7%.

I put some cash into the IRA account for tax purposes so am looking for 1 new stock to add to the list.

Enjoy your trip.