Monday, October 01, 2007

Thor - The God of Thunder

Wow, I had almost forgotten that my stocks can have GOOD news. THO announced their earnings a little past noon on the 1st day of the 4th quarter (Thor Reports Record Net Income, E.P.S. in Quarter). It would have been a good day to have a quick trigger figure with the earnings announced at 12:12 pm. THO quickly spiked a $1 on the news and ended up $2.94 on the day. I am now up about 22% on the stock including my "special" one time $2 dividend.

HGG, EGY, GVHR and KSWS were all up more than 6% along with THO on this strong day. WNR was my outlier, down about 4%. The refinery movements seems so silly to me in the 18 months I have been following them. In the spring/summer they rocket up as demand for gas (and refining) is high due to driving season and in the fall/winter they drop (though admittedly higher lows). I sold my FTO recently anticipating this seasonality. I plan to buy FTO (or another refiner) back later this season but in my IRA and will sell next summer at the peak. We'll see if the seasonality play continues to work. I suspect it will as the market has become nore and more short-sighted and can't see past the next earnings quarter.

Oops. I think Reuters messed up this morning. They listed the following news article with BBSI (Barrett Business Sevices): Barratt to let buyers defer deposits . Note Barratt has a 2nd "a". The artcile had nothing to do with BBSI. Oops.


Travis said...

When was THOR's special dividend?


Marsh_Gerda said...

I think it was 9/25