Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We All Want To Be Special

My portfolios continue to truck along.  On the dividend side I have made a lot of sales lately: CPL, ENH, SBS and PM to name the bigger ones.  So I am much more in cash than I was a month ago.  But I am now up over 21% on the year, and my annualized IRR since Dec 2010 (when I started keeping track) is almost 16%.

The "new and improved" MFI portfolio is also faring well, up exactly 10% since August 15th.

The reason for the church lady from SNL (are people old enough to remember those skits?) is that HFC announced another special dividend today (HollyFrontier Corporation Announces $0.50 Special Cash Dividend). For those keeping track (as I am), that is the 4th special dividend since I bought HFC back on February 22nd. So using my initial starting price of $34.66, I have collected $2.40 in dividends in under a year, a yield of 6.9% thus far on my investment. So far HFC is up over 22% for me, versus 4.5% for the broader market (MPC is about the same).

Not sure I'd want a refiner in my backyard, but I do not mind two in my portfolio!

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sleepswell said...

Glad to see you're back on (and enjoying) the MFI bandwagon.

I'm 18 months in and clipping along at a 10% IRR. Could be worse, but I am substantially lagging the S&P.