Thursday, September 29, 2011

National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day

I felt I had to post a quick blog (I am traveling) when I saw today was National Coffee Day. As I am traveling I don't have much to offer on my portfolio performance... though it wasn't pretty yesterday. So instead I will offer a couple of thought-provoking links.

The Single Best Night of Baseball Ever? - I am a Texas Ranger fan, so I was going to be happy no matter what happened with the Red Sox/Rays duel. I used to like Boston, but that was before they won the world series and got a bit cocky(in my opinion). Anyway, I found this posting on the D&O Diary this morning, which I subscribe to and is usually discussing the arcane world of D&O lawsuits (D&O stands for Directors and Officers). The blogger was almost giddy last night (very out of character) as was almost taunting in his blog (may have had a few beers).

Another Whopper From Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch - You can not make this stuff up. A company named Autonomy claimed that he had never approached Oracle to buy their company. Larry Ellison responded that they either have terrible memories or were lying. He then added that he still had the powerpoint presentation. Check it all out!

Have a great one everyone.

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