Thursday, September 22, 2011

My MFI Diary

I will be expanding the topics of my MFI Diary going forward in line with the fact that I have pulled back from the MFI investing approach. I will continue to create tracking portfolios, my mechanical portfolios and the top 200... I view myself as the unoffical scorekeeper of Magic Formula Investing.

But on the personal side, I will layout my new investing approach which is primarily dividend stocks with reinvesting of dividends. There will be some familiar names to MFI followers in my Dividend portfolio... but I also have some closed end funds, bond funds, financials, utilities and insurers.

People should always keep in mind that I am just an investor with the same emotions and needs of anyone else. The only difference is that I'll be discussing what I am doing in my blog. In no way whatsoever should what I say be construed as any form of investment or tax advice. I am not qualified and everyone should do their own due diligence.

Onwards after this terrible day... I did sell my APPL from MFI yesterday at almost the all-time high of $419.

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donahue_davi said...

Hey there,

Out of curiousity, was AAPL on the MFI list? When? (Just finished the book recently.. just finding your site now!)