Monday, November 15, 2010

MFI(ndex) back to February 2006

I was asked about using different benchmarks as opposed to the Russell 3000. I did set my file up to be dynamic, so it is easy to swap out a benchmark. Here is the Russell 2000 (IWM):

In stock news, not a great day for me, although my "new" MFI index was up 0.37%. I did get good earnings from TTT (Terra Nova Royalty Corporation Announces Fourth KID Dividend, Reports 2010 Third Quarter Results and Corporate Update). They also announced that they will be paying (starting in 2011) a dividend .25% above the NYSE composite dividend... which I think makes it about 2.5%.

NEWN released their 10q after the bell (they actually released a blank one mid-day). Looks about "as advertised" so I don't expect much movement tomorrow. NEP announced they will announce on Friday. That one should be interesting.

Couple of buyouts today, not in the MFI universe, but BUCY and ISLN. That bodes well for our world of value stocks.

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