Sunday, February 26, 2017

2/24/17 Subsets

2/24/17 Subsets

Okay. I have set up my new tracking portfolio of 50 stocks for the upcoming year. As my 30 or 40 regular readers know, I do also have subsets of the 50 stock list that I track:

  1. Dividend Stocks
  2. New Stocks and
  3. Dog Stocks

Here are the stocks that made my list in each category.


Stock  Initial Price 
SYNT              17.98
RGR              49.85
SPOK              18.90
PBI              14.07
MCFT              14.94
HPQ              17.65
GME              26.28
DIN              59.86
CSCO              34.32
CA              32.63
BKE              20.20
BPT              21.30
HRB              20.05


Stock Initial Price
TZOO                9.40
OMC              86.16
LEE                2.65
DIN              59.86
GIB              47.08
BIIB            285.13
AKRX              21.28


Stock Initial Price
SCMP              11.75
PBI              14.07
NHTC              27.39
KORS              37.30
BKE              20.20


Steven Degrijse said...

BPT is not a dividend stock. It is a trust that soon will stop distributions. This stock is being plunged and will plunge even furter.

Marsh_Gerda said...

I agree that BPT is likely to stop distributions at some point as it is a fixed depleting asset. But for my purposes here, a dividend stock is a stock/security currently paying some form of distribution in excess of 2.6% and I do also include any special dividends in the past twelve months (such as SYT).