Thursday, July 21, 2011

Up 7% in the week

One of my best weeks in long time, my portfolio is getting a bit more healthy with a 7% rise this week. We may be able to retire after all...

IDCC has been a major catalyst, up from $41.51 to $74.27 this evening. Not sure where it goes from there, but I would suggest they are getting overvalued. I will hold, but it is tempting to sell. We'll see, I might sell tomorrow.

MRX - have people been following the headlines around this one? The 6 year old son of the CEO had a terrible fall at his mansion near San Diego. Then his girlfriend was found dead of hanging a couple of days later. I heard the son died the other day. I sold my shares, I had a 40% gain and the stock seemed pretty fully valued. I have bought RTN as a defensive play.

Arizona CEO's son, girlfriend dies within a week

The earnings are coming hot and heavy, INTC reported yesterday and then MSFT and SNDK reported this evening. INTC had great numbers, but the market clearly thinks they'll be hurt by the tablet revolution. I think it is premature to count them out and I'll be happy with the 3%+ dividend. I am also sitting on a 22% gain.

Intel Tops Earnings Forecasts But Shares Turn Lower

MSFT seemed to have strong earnings to me, but were down slighty during happy hour trading. Finally, I felt like SNDK had their best quarter ever and they traded up 3% post close.

Microsoft Beats EPS & Rev. Ests.; XBox Hot, Netbooks Not; Biz Demand Strong

Flash Memory Specialist SanDisk Beats Earnings Estimates

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eesirrius said...

Hi Marsh,

I just came across your blog and really like it. I am doing the exact same thing as you are on but in french (Translation comming soon). You can still have a look at the site and see the numbers. Last week was good for me aswell but this week is killing me. Just hope they get the debt ceilling issue resolved.