Wednesday, March 02, 2011


SuperGen (SUPG) reported their earnings Monday evening (SuperGen Reports 2010 Fourth Quarter and Year-End Financial Results). I thought their results were quite good. They expect 2011 to match 2010, but going over the transcript it seemed to me that they were being very conservative in their guidance. In addition, they mentioned in the Q&A that they have a project progressing satisfactorily with GSK that has the potential to generate more than $300m in royalties. That is obviously huge for a company with a 176m market cap.

CMFO announced earnings this evening. If they were made up, they at least bothered to make up good figures (China Marine Reports Record 2010 Revenues of $122.7 million and Adjusted Net Income of $23.5 million). Seriously, they did upgrade their auditor recently... so the numbers should be good. Their guidance is to grow income by 16% in 2011.

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