Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little More "Fun"

CCME Halted

Friday was a busy day for me, given the terrible earthquake in Japan. I failed to notice that CCME actually had their trading halted early in the day on Friday (China MediaExpress Shares Halted).

The trading was never commenced. Obviously, the big debate is why? I have no idea, I have had trading halted numerous times in my life (but I can't recall over a weekend) and sometimes it has been good and sometimes bad.

Stay tuned.

New Logo

I asked my son (who is trying out GIMP) to create a new look for me for my mechanical formula update. Here the two are, let me know which you like more!


Homer315 said...

the one on the left.

Paul said...

Another vote for the left one

AndrewsDad said...

My complete lack of artistic opinion is go with the one on the left.