Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Mechanical Stocks - June 12th 2010

New stocks hitting my mechanical screens this weekend, for those that still have the stomach. It hasn't been overwhelmingly successful of late.

New to the top 30 screen: JGBO and VALU
New to the top 50 screeen: JGBO and DRWI.

JGBO looks like another ungodly cheap Chinese stock. It is hard to say whether people investing in these stocks will double their money in a few years, or whether there is some hair we don't know about. I have enough of these, so I will not be a buyer.

But per their financials they have a market cap of $97m. They have, in cash alone, $102m! They just made 50 cents per share in the past quarter. They expect operating income between $42m and $46m this year. So even without excess cash, they're trading at about a 50% earnings yield! I think I am talking myself into buying them...

Valu we all know about.It may be a bit over-rated as they paid a special dividend that isn't reflected in their financial statements yet. Then DRWI is expecting their earnings to dop in this upcoming year. That being said, they still look tempting.

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