Thursday, May 11, 2017

Not Exactly The Start I Wanted

Not Exactly Start I Wanted

Always exciting to start a new tranche.  While I am in it for a year, it is human nature to watch it more closely the first couple of weeks.  We'd like to see quickly that we are indeed a "stock market genius".

Well, the tranche I started this week is making me look like exactly the opposite of a stock market genius.  WSTC crashed day 2 and has 0% chance of recovering.  TGNA followed with sad earnings. Then TIME announced earnings yesterday and they were highly disappointing.  They slashed dividend, missed revenues - just awful across the board.

Then I see that one of my "rejects", VEC popped 15% yesterday.  Oh well.  As Charlie Brown says, "you learn more from your losses than your victories".  And the sun did come up today on a beautiful spring morning.

5/6/2017 Start Current Dividend Pct Gain R3K Gain
 WSTC  $24.15  $23.11  $0.00  -4.3% 0.0%
 TGNA  $25.75  $23.31  $0.00  -9.5% 0.0%
 TIME  $15.05  $12.95  $0.00  -14.0% 0.0%
 MSGN  $23.55  $23.30  $0.00  -1.1% 0.0%
 QCOM  $54.93  $55.33  $0.00  0.7% 0.0%
Totals -5.6% 0.0%

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